An emergency diesel generator provides an additional level of safety to keep your home, business or factory running smoothly, without interruption. When deciding to buy a diesel generator it is advisable to perform some basic calculations to determine the correct equipment to your needs:

First, you need to know how much money to produce your business daily. They only take into account the revenues that are strictly dependent on the power source (telephones, computers, process equipment, etc.).

Now consider all capital assets or assets that depend on an electrical power source to keep operating, ie, perishable goods, cold rooms, etc. Also consider the costs associated with setting up or closing a manufacturing process or line. Starts and shutdowns due to power outages can be very costly.

Now, add up all these costs and multiply it by the number of blackouts you have each year. This will give you your annual operating losses due to power outages.
The division resulting from the price of the power plant for these potential losses will determine how many years would be required for the generator to be paid essentially on its own.

The costs alone should not be the only factor to take into account when buying a diesel generator set. Another advantage of having a diesel power plant is the backing of a power source consistent with your factory or business. Diesle generators can provide protection against voltage fluctuations in the power grid to protect sensitive equipment and other capital goods from unexpected power failures. These expensive company assets require consistent power quality to function properly. Electric generators also allow end users, not power companies, to control and provide a consistent power supply to their equipment.

End-users also benefit from the ability to hedge against highly volatile market conditions. By operating in a time-based pricing situation this could prove to be a huge competitive advantage. During high-power pricing times, end users can switch power supply to their spare diesel or natural gas generator for greater economic power.

Continuous service

A continuous duty diesel generator can be used in different applications. In remote places where it is difficult access to transmission lines, electrical stations or temporary sites while building the infrastructure to bring energy. Also a diesel electric generator can be used continuously in large companies during long periods of day or night to reduce the costs of energy in high consumption peaks or in cases in which it is more expensive to buy energy from the local generating company.